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Free Swimming Pool Buyer’s Guide

There are so many reasons why purchasing your own swimming pool can make a positive impact in your life. We hope this swimming pool buyer’s guide helps you understand the pros and cons of the three types of swimming pools. Your own swimming pool is the ultimate lifestyle enhancer. It provides a …

Written by uBizzium on Friday November 3, 2017

Vinyl Pools: Replacing and Remodeling

Unlike fiberglass pools,  vinyl pools  will eventually need a new liner. Although the average liner will hold out for about 10 or 12 years, they can last a full two decades under the right conditions with vigilant maintenance. In the ensuing years, the color and pattern may fade or you may have …

Written by uBizzium on Monday August 29, 2016

Meet the New Marquis Hot Tubs

Marquis Vector Models Coming This Week These tubs have futuristic angular styling and feature new unique action deep massage jets with individual seat controls.  Marquis’ new Vector21  hot tubs  deliver a flow and force unlike any seen before in hot tubs: control and versatility …

Written by uBizzium on Monday July 4, 2016

Where do I Start if I want a Swimming Pool?

When you begin dreaming of your swimming pool many things run through your head. The definition of dream is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind. This is exactly what you should be doing. What do you want to gain from your swimming pool? Is it just for relaxatio…

Written by uBizzium on Saturday March 7, 2015

Swimming Pool Sanitation Options

Have you heard someone say “I love my saltwater pool?” or what about “Buy a mineral system, it makes your skin feel so much better!”. These statements leave many of our pool customers completely confused as to what is best for their pool. There are many  swimming pool  sanitation options. Here are …

Written by uBizzium on Wednesday March 4, 2015