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Free Swimming Pool Buyer’s Guide

There are so many reasons why purchasing your own swimming pool can make a positive impact in your life. We hope this swimming pool buyer’s guide helps you understand the pros and cons of the three types of swimming pools. Your own swimming pool is the ultimate lifestyle enhancer. It provides a …

Written by uBizzium on Friday November 3, 2017

Vinyl vs. Fiberglass: Duel. Showdown. Battle. OK, Fine — It’s Just a Comparison

Vinyl vs. Fiberglass: Duel. Showdown. Battle. OK, Fine — It’s Just a Comparison When it comes to swimming pool composition, you have thousands of choices. Actually, that’s not true. You have three choices: Vinyl, Fiberglass and Concrete. Concrete pools (or shotcrete or gunite, if you’re into …

Written by uBizzium on Tuesday July 26, 2016

Cost of Aboveground and Inground Pools

When deciding to add a pool to your backyard, the first question is most likely going to be, how much will an inground swimming pool or an above ground swimming pool cost? The cost of above ground and inground pools can vary depending on the type of pool you want (vinyl liner swimming pool, …

Written by uBizzium on Friday March 6, 2015

Most Common Swimming Pool Shopping Mistakes

Looking for a pool? Let Parrot Bay Pool & Spas show you the correct ways to buy and install your pool. Here are a few mistakes people make when shopping for a pool: 1. Shopping like you are buying a car Swimming pools are custom construction projects, and are built by individuals and …

Written by uBizzium on Thursday February 26, 2015

New Pool Options for 2015

Vinyl, Fiberglass and Concrete Pool Builder Hot Tubs and Outdoor Living                       910-429-0086 No More White Steps!   Are you tired of seeing ugly white steps? We are too, so we are pleased to announce vinyl …

Written by uBizzium on Tuesday February 10, 2015