Trending Pool Design: Infinity Edge

Posted on January 30th 2017 07:00:00 AM

Are you looking for a sleek and elegant way to design your in-ground poolscape? Searching for something beyond concrete patios or decking options to give your backyard a resort feel? You might be intrigued by the infinity edge in-ground swimming pool design.

Infinity Edge: Why it’s Trending

An infinity edge swimming pool Raleigh NC has one or more edges where water pours constantly over the side of the pool. As you swim, this vanishing edge gives the illusion that the water never ends. This is accomplished by one edge of the pool being up to a quarter-inch lower than the required water level for the pool so that the water spills over the edge into a trough, cycling the water back into the pool.

One of the appealing aspects of an infinity edge swimming pool design is that it shifts attention away from the pool and onto the surroundings. That’s why you’ll frequently see these pools used by high-end resorts. For your backyard, you would want a landscape and outdoor oasis design that keeps with this concept in order for the infinity pool to reach its full visual potential. This also applies to any swimming pool accessories, such as the installation of a slide off to one side so it doesn’t interfere with the view of the beautiful infinite edge.

Another suggestion for an infinity swimming pool and deck design is to incorporate colors from the surrounding landscape into your pool. This also includes the colors of your patio and accessories (such as outdoor furniture cushions) so that the pool automatically appears to be part of the natural environment.

This in-ground pool design embodies an outdoor space of relaxation and tranquility. But we recognize the planning stages for this concept can feel overwhelming. That’s okay, because Parrot Bay Pools is here to help. Come by any of our showrooms – including our newest one at Fuquay Varina (near Raleigh) – and our design experts will be happy to help you plan your infinitely beautiful backyard resort.

A Natural Cold Remedy: Soaking in a Hot Tub

Posted on January 23rd 2017 07:00:00 AM

With cold winter weather often comes a cold – an increased chance of getting a stuffy nose, chest congestion, aches and pains. One Facebook post can produce an unrelenting number of home-remedy responses from Facebook friends and family from lemon-honey tea to essential oils and lots of rest. But one recommendation you’re not likely to see is to spend 20 minutes soaking in a Marquis hot tub each evening. This is not because it doesn’t work; quite the contrary, it’s an effective method in your remedy arsenal. It’s just that many people aren’t aware of it as an option.

Sleep Better

One of the best practices when battling the common cold is to get ample rest. But sometimes that’s counter intuitive because your cold makes it hard to sleep. A 20 minute soak in your Maquis or La Z Boy Spa right before bed, however, can help you fall asleep faster. Our body temperature drops when we sleep. By soaking in your Marquis hot tub Fayetteville NC, you increase your body temperature so that it drops more dramatically when you exit, preparing your body for sleep before even hitting the pillow.

Loosen Congestion

When you open your Marquis spa cover, how is it that you know it’s warm? The steam! And that’s going to be your greatest ally in working loose all that congestion that helping you feel miserable. By submerging your body up to your neck, the steam has direct access to your nasal passages. So it might be a good idea to keep a box of tissues close by.

Soothe the Aches

The common cold typically comes with some aches in the body. The warm water and soothing jets of your hot tub will help to work that out. Also, the buoyancy of the water will help relieve some of the tension on your joints.

While there’s no known cure for the common cold, taking care of your body so it can heal is the best medicine. Your hot tub can be a vital part of your back-to-health regimen. And if you don’t yet have a hot tub, our showroom has Marquis spas in Fuquay-Varina NC (near Raleigh).  Oh, and remember to stay hydrated too!

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Think of Buying a Pool? Start by Asking Pool Questions

Posted on January 16th 2017 07:00:00 AM

If you’re thinking about buying a swimming pool Fayetteville NC, you’ve probably got a lot of questions. You’d better have pool questions! Swimming pool installation is a big deal.

It’s a huge deal, actually. It’s a major investment that will last a long time. At its best, it can be the place where your best memories are lived out in real time. But if you don’t ask important questions before you start digging, you could find yourself with a big, giant hole filled with water and regret.

The Most Common Swimming Pool Questions

Let’s start with price. Most people want to know right up front how much a pool will cost. There are simply too many variables to answer that question outright. Your choice of building material plays a large role in determining cost, as do your choice of swimming pool accessories. Then you have to factor in the cost of maintenance, which also varies, depending on whether you choose vinyl, concrete or fiberglass pools Fuquay-Varina MC.

Most people also want to know how to find the perfect pool builder — and it’s an important question. This is not a job you want to trust to just any swimming pool professional. Your journey will require a combination of online research and good, old-fashioned phone calls and meetings. You’re going to want to see past swimming pool designs, check references and read reviews.

A lot of people are also interested in learning about warranties and financing. Again, these are good questions that have a major impact on predictability in payment and security down the line.

Here’s the good news. These swimming pool questions — and so many more that we can’t cover here — can be answered and explained with a quick trip to Fuquay Varina in North Carolina’s Raleigh metro region, in our new showroom.

Even though the Internet seems to have all the answers, walking into a local business and having conversation with a pool professional is still the single best way to learn everything you need to know about installing a pool.

You in the Raleigh area? Come down to our new showroom. We’ve got the answer to all the questions you have, and probably a lot more that you never thought to ask.

Crank Up Your Spa’s Awesomeness With One Visit to our New Showroom

Posted on January 9th 2017 07:00:00 AM

If you’re ever in Raleigh, North Carolina, and you travel a few miles south on highway 401, you’ll run into a town called Fuquay-Varina. It’s an unusual name for a town, which is good. We want it to stand out in your memory. Why? Because soon, Fuquay-Varina will be our home away from home.

Our Brand New Showroom

We’re opening up a brand new showroom there, and you need to hop on 401 and come check us out. Right now, your Marquis hot tub is good. Once you return from Fuquay-Varina, however, it’s going to be the best spa it can possibly be.

We’re bringing all the style and functionality of La Z Boy accessories to the Raleigh metro area — and not just any accessories. Rubber ducks. We don’t think it’s a civilized proposition to own a tub without a rubber duck, so we’re filling our new location at Fuquay-Varina with thousands of rubber ducks — and nothing else.

Just kidding.

Don’t get us wrong, there will be plenty of rubber ducks among the floating bars, fragrances and other fun Marquis Spas Fuquay-Varina NC we’ll be slinging out of the FV location, should you want one. But the accessorizing doesn’t stop there.

Take our heavy-duty, weather-resistant steps, for example. They’re never going to wobble, bend or budge.

Then there are Marquis spas cover lifts. Why do you need a cover lift? Because hot tubs are no fun if the cover is too heavy to get off by yourself. It takes two people, or one X-man, to lift a traditional cover. With a cover lift, however, anyone can open and close their spa with ease. Our high-quality lifts are made from steel, not flimsy aluminum.

And finally, what good is a hot tub if you can’t entertain guests? We’ve got the Marquis spas accessories that will turn your spa into the center of the party. Surrounds, shelves, seating, storage, stools and bars can accommodate all your people, even the ones who can’t fit in the tub.

One quick ride to Fuquay-Varina, and all this could be yours.

1629 N. Main Street Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526


2017 Looks a Whole Lot Better With a Marquis ATV Swim Spa

Posted on December 26th 2016 07:00:00 AM

What’s the number one reason people bow out of their New Year’s resolution goals? A lack of motivation. Sure, that momentum is strong in the beginning, but after a few weeks, if you’re not enjoying it, then the effort just tappers off.

That’s why, if your New Year’s resolution is to get fit, you need to bring in the big guns and give it all you’ve got. One effective way to do that is by adding a Marquis ATV Swim Spa to your backyard. Let’s face it, taking the time to go to the gym or the local pool can be burdensome and is often the first thing to go with a busy schedule (and hey, dwindling your crazy schedule down to something more manageable may be on your resolution list too).

Why not make it just a little bit easier to stick to your fitness goals in 2017? And adding a Marquis ATV Swim Spa not only makes a great workout more accessible, but also more fun. Have friends over for a swim party or to relax in the attached hot tub. Enjoy an evening with your special someone in your Marquis swim spa Fayetteville NC. You can add it to your backyard landscape and put in an outdoor kitchen as well. Alternatively, put your swim spa in an enclosed porch or addition to your home for indoor access all year long.

A Marquis swim spa Raleigh NC is not a single-use, single-goal contraption. It provides for fitness, relaxation, and reduced stress goals for 2017 and beyond. The multitude of benefits make it a worth-while investment in your health and wellness for both mind and body. So, this time, make your New Year’s resolution something you can certainly accomplish by giving yourself the tools to get there – and enjoy doing it – with a Marquis ATV Swim Spa.

When it’s Time for a New Pool Liner

Posted on December 19th 2016 07:00:00 AM

Most vinyl pool liners will last eight to 12 years if properly maintained, but it is inevitable that you’ll need pool liner replacement eventually. Even if you’re incredible responsible with the care of your swimming pools Fayetteville NC, weather and chemicals eventually cause a pool liner to deteriorate, which can lead to even more damage, including to the pool structure.

It’s better to get a swimming pool liner replaced as soon as you notice the need. But what are the warning signs? Cracks and tears in the liner are the first things to look for and, if you see several of them, your fiberglass pools Fuquay-Varina NC could be leaking too. An easy way to tell is to watch the water line for a week and if it drops more than an inch, then you likely have a leak in your swimming pool liner.

Over time, a vinyl swimming pool liner will lose some elasticity and will start to ripple, come out of the track, wrinkle and sag. Excessive fading and staining also indicate the age of the liner. Both are indicators that your liner may need replacement. Repairs are an option, but if the liner is more than three years old, it will most likely be to your benefit to go ahead and replace it.

Parrot Bay Pools sells Latham, Merlin and GLI swimming pool liners in a variety of patterns. We renovate a large variety of pools. If you’re replacing your pool liner, consider renovating or upgrading your swimming pool accessories – steps, handrails, ladders and coping too – it’s a good time to do it all. Of course, our services go beyond pool renovation; we can help you remodel your backyard into what you’ve always dreamed it would be too! Come by our showroom to see the liner patterns we have available and we will gladly discuss your options.

Bring Beauty Back With Spring Backyard Upgrades

Posted on December 12th 2016 07:00:00 AM

Hurricane Matthew left many of us in a state of rubble. The process for making repairs can be burdensome and discouraging. In situations like these, sometimes it’s worth taking some things into your own hands, just to get a little beauty back into your life. So we want to encourage you to take this opportunity to create that backyard oasis you always dreamed about but never had the time to follow through with, including in-ground or above ground swimming pool and deck designs.

Outdoor Kitchens

This is the crème de la crème of backyard entertaining. An outdoor kitchen makes enjoying a beautiful spring day on the patio something you want to do every weekend. Fire up your stainless steel grill for mouthwatering meats and grilled vegetables. Include a mini bar so all your favorite drinks are right at your finger tips. Beautiful rock designs add character to your outdoor element. Include some comfy and attractive outdoor furniture for a full extension of your home’s living space.

Pools and Spas

What better time than now to finally get that Swimming pool Fayetteville NC you’ve been dreaming of installed? Or maybe a hot tub is on your wish list – or maybe even both. Parrot Bay offers fiberglass pool installation and vinyl in-ground pools, above ground pools, hot tubs and Marquis swim spas. We can work with you to take any combination and construct your ideal backyard getaway where you can take a break from the stresses the last few months brought.

The Extras

At Parrot Bay Pools & Spas, we don’t specialize in just one thing; we cover it all. We want you to have a backyard that you look forward to coming home to and utilizing every day. Our outdoor living designs include anything you can dream up – pergolas, waterfalls & fountains, rock formations, custom lighting, & landscaping. We are your one stop for the perfect swimming pools Raleigh NC and outdoor living space. So turn a difficult fall season into a beautiful spring backyard makeover so you get exactly what you want.

Hot Tubs And Holidays — Perfect Together

Posted on December 5th 2016 07:00:00 AM

Everyone gripes that the holidays come earlier and earlier every year. Halloween is barely over and Christmas music is already on the radio. Before you even eat Thanksgiving dinner, your guests are out the door and on their way to camp out in front of a store for Black Friday.

But before you know it, school starts back up, you get used to writing the new year number on your checks and the holidays are over. Poof. Another year gone.

Everyone gripes that the holidays come earlier and earlier every year. Halloween is barely over and Christmas music is already on the radio. Before you even eat Thanksgiving dinner, your guests are out the door and on their way to camp out in front of a store for Black Friday.

But before you know it, school starts back up, you get used to writing the new year number on your checks and the holidays are over. Poof. Another year gone.

That’s why your new holiday tradition should take place in your Marquis hot tub. Although you might not associate Marquis spas Raleigh NC with holiday celebrations, can you think of a better way to get close, both literally and figuratively?

Take some time this season to leave the stresses of the digital age in the house and immerse yourself not just in hot water, but in conversation with the people you’re closest to. You have 11 other months of the year to forget what’s important, to work too hard and to walk around with your face buried in your phone.

This holiday, however, try to take the time to pause, appreciate and reconnect with the people you love the most. You’ll never look at your Marquis swim spas the same way again. 

Surprising Your Family With an Inground Pool? Keep Any Other Surprises to a Minimum

Posted on November 28th 2016 07:00:00 AM

So, you’ve decided to surprise your family with the gift of a brand new inground fiberglass pool installation. Well, that’s very Clark Griswold of you.

There are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind, however, before you live the dream. First, there is a mountain of misinformation on the Internet put out there by people who are trying to sell specific types of swimming pools Raleigh NC. Do your homework and understand your options.

Three Types of Inground Pools

Vinyl: Cheaper up front but harder and more expensive to maintain, vinyl swimming pools Fuquay-Varina NC are smooth, highly customizable and they resist algae.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass pools Raleigh NC cost more up front, but that represents virtually all of the pool’s lifetime cost, as they are relatively cheap and easy to maintain. They’re easy to install, but since they are prefabricated in a factory, they are not easy to customize.

Concrete: Highly customizable to any size or shape, concrete swimming pools can become beautiful works of art. They are, however, costly and difficult to maintain over the long term.

Think hard about why you want the pool. Is it for lap-based exercise? If so, it will have to be fairly long. If it’s for splashing around with the kids, it can be much smaller. How big is your yard, and how much space do you want around the swimming pool for entertaining and furniture?

Next, put some thoughts into swimming pool design and swimming pool accessories. From a diving board to waterfalls to lights, every addition can beautify your pool, yet they all add cost to the overall project and make maintenance more comprehensive.

Finally, think about winterization and safety. If you’re going to own one, you must secure it, cover it in the winter and fence it in all year round.

Swimming pools can make your leisure time awesome, give your family something to bond over and increase the value of your home. The trick is taking some time beforehand to decide exactly what you want before you take the plunge.

Your Backyard Hot Tub: The Anti-Stress

Posted on November 21st 2016 07:00:00 AM

What’s not anti-stress? Overage charges on your data plan. A two percent hidden fee on your 401(k). Your daughter just dropped one awful boyfriend for another awful boyfriend. Your family argued about politics at Thanksgiving. Your adjustable-rate mortgage just went from “barely able to pay” to “I guess I’ll just drive an Uber for extra cash when I come home from work instead of sleeping.” Your dog needs — wait…

… What’s that you say?

Two dozen high-pressure jets massaging your entire body with hot water while you sip a glass of wine and listen to soothing music with your eyes closed?

If stress were Michael Spinks, your Marquis hot tub would be Mike Tyson in 1988. For those of you who aren’t boxing fans, Tyson knocked him out. Like, bad.

Stress is a medical condition. It’s incredibly unhealthy. Too much of it can kill you.

These are facts. Another fact is that Marquis swim spas obliterate stress. Hydrotherapy provides all kinds of physical benefits. It loosens tight muscles. It improves circulations. It alleviates swelling and pain.

The most powerful reward you get for time spent in Marquis Spas Fayetteville NC, however, might just be the most obvious — it’s incredibly relaxing. It has meditative qualities, it quiets the mind and it numbs stress.

That’s the stuff that you carry around all day, making your mind race and overwhelming you with worry and anxiety. You may not be able to eliminate stress and anxiety altogether, but you can certainly put it in its place.

The bad news is, you’ll feel really good both during and after.