Green Swimming Pool Water? – Treat It With Four Simple Steps!

Posted on November 28th 2012 10:00:00 PM

how to correct green swimming pool water

Let’s face it, every pool will experience green water at one point or another. With the unusually high temps we have been experiencing these last few days it can happen quickly if you have neglected your pool. The main mission is to get it as clear as possible as quickly as possible. The second item that needs attention is we want to make it happen without breaking the bank. There’s more shocks, phosphate treatments and water clarifiers than one knows what to do with. Not to mention the countless “novelty” chemicals that are available that can cost an arm and a leg! Let’s focus on the basics first.

When treating green swimming pool water, there are 4 key steps that need to be addressed. Let’s begin!

Treating green swimming pool water step #1: Circulation. Water circulation is an absolute must. You can add all the shock and other chemicals you want, but if water movement isn’t taking place, it won’t change the look of the water. While you’re turning the pool around, run the equipment 24/7. For most standard residential swimming pools, this will allow for about 3 full water rotations. Meaning, that all of the water will have gone through the filter about 3 times.

Treating green swimming pool water step #2: Shock treatment. Ideally, shoot for a granular shock because it has the fastest reaction time The more available chlorine, the more effective (and faster) it will be in the pool water. It’s important to stress that one cannot over shock a swimming pool. Depending on how green the water is, I’d recommend starting with 3-4 lbs of shock, wait 2-3 hours, then check what the water looks like. There’s no need to test the water at this point using a test kit as the results will be meaningless…regardless how much “free chlorine” it’s showing present.

Treating green swimming pool water step #3: Filtration is key. The more effective the filter is throughout this process, the faster the water’s going to get clear again. The best way to ensure this is taking place is to backwash/clean your filter several times a day. If you’re using a sand filter, place the multi port valve in the backwash position and let it run for around 90 seconds or until the water is clear. This may take a bit longer depending on the duration of time between backwashes. If you have a cartridge filter, remove the dome of the filter, lift the cartridge filter(s) out of the filter unit and thoroughly clean it.

Treating green swimming pool water step #4: As the water begins turning clear (still may be cloudy, but blue (not green), begin administering a quality water clarifier. This will speed up the process to getting clear water again. I’d recommend adding it the first time immediately once you notice the water is blue and not green, then again about 12 hours later. During this process continue running the equipment nonstop. During this time you should also be stabilizing the pH and Total Alkalinity levels. I wouldn’t worry about testing or adjusting free chlorine as it’s likely going to be elevated for a few days while the water adjusts, but it is important to test and adjust your pH and TA levels.

Using this system, it’s possible to turn your green swimming pool water around in a few days. We hope this helps! If you need our help feel free to call us as we offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly pool cleaning service.

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Easy Hot Tub Start Up

Posted on October 25th 2012 01:38:00 PM

t’s that time of year, cooler weather has arrived and thoughts begin to turn to firing up your hot tub for the season. We would like to give you some easy tips to make the start up as trouble free as possible.

1. Filling Your Hot Tub: One of the most common mistakes when filling a hot tub is not purging the air out of the plumbing. Remember to place your garden hose directly into the bottom of the skimmer and fill the hot tub through the lines. This purges the air as you fill.

2. Install a Clean Filter: A clean filter is vital to keeping the impurities out of your hot tub water. Always start with either a new filter or a filter that has been chemically cleaned and your hot tub will stay sparkling. It’s also a good idea to always keep a second filter on hand for uninterrupted hot tub use.

3. Hot Tub Covers: Covers are notorious for producing a musty smell after a while. Instead of purchasing a new one be sure to wipe down the inside of the cover at least every 90 days with a bleach and water solution.

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The Parrot Life Defined

Posted on August 9th 2012 08:57:00 AM

What is “The Parrot Life”? It’s our culture, it’s the attitude with which we live, work, and most importantly play. What does a Parrot look like? Well, we all look different. Some of us are doctors, nurses, business people, bus drivers, teachers, attorneys, mechanics, CEOs; We are the people who dance in the rain, we don’t wait for it to stop. We take a lot of vacations, we spend a lot of quality time with our families, we are less concerned with the worries of the world. You might think that sounds careless or lazy. Not the case, never confuse a vacation with laziness. Parrots work hard, harder than everyone else. We know that when everyone is sleeping, we are working, because it takes a long time to create the good life. It’s not handed to us. When you work that hard and care that much, you have to rest and recharge. Like everything else, we do that big. It might be with a lush backyard pool design or with a tropical vacation. What we Parrots have in common is a zest for life, no wasted time, an ambitious spirit, and a need to create the life we desire, not the one handed to us. We all have heard the saying, It’s not what life gives you, it’s what you do with it, it’s how you respond. Parrots all have learned this. We know it very well and when everyone else gives up, we don’t. We create the life, love, business, family, etc. that we want. Some of you reading this are thinking, that’s not possible. You are not a Parrot yet. Some of you reading this are shaking your head in agreement. You are our people. So how does one become a Parrot? It sounds good, but I am so tired of being thrown curveballs. Well, don’t give up, we have all been there, but we had the perseverance and the mind set to see past the storm. Come and visit us, find other Parrot people, birds of a feather flock together. Remember, the only thing we can’t create more of is time. How will you spend yours? Let us help you create your memories with the most important people in your life.

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Back to Pool School with Parrot Bay Pools & Spas

Posted on August 5th 2012 08:21:00 PM

Since it is almost back to school time, we thought it only suitable to send out some helpful pool school tips to keep your pool in tip top shape. Always remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. These maintenance topics will keep your pool in great condition so you don’t have problems later. We hope you find them helpful! If so, please let us know. If you have a question we didn’t answer, please send us a note and we will include it next time.
Beginner Pool School

How to Vacuum Your Pool
1. Gather the necessary items: vacuum, vacuum hose, pool pole, skimmer basket vacuum attachment, leaf net
2. Skim the top of the pool with a net for floating debris. Collect any large or heavy items that may get stuck in your suction line while vacuuming.
3. Attach the vacuum head to the end of the pols
4. Place the vacuum adapter over the leaf basket in the skimmer. Always leave your leaf basket in place because it will keep large items from clogging your pipes. connect the vacuum pool hose to the top of the vacuum head and place it in the water. It must stay under the water the entire vacuum time
5. Prime the hose by filling it with water; attach it to the skimmer basket attachment
6. Now vacuum by holding the pole and slowly passing the vacuum along the sides and bottom of the pool.
Intermediate Pool School
Why Shock My Pool?
“Shock” really isn’t a product. It is an action you perform when you add an extra dose of chlorine to your pool. Over a period of time, sometimes relatively short, the chlorine in your pool combines with nitrogen containing contaminants, such as perspiration, urine, and/or fertilizer, and forms chloramines. When this occurs you may still get a chlorine reading, but it isn’t as effective at keeping your pool sanitary. Therefore, you must super chlorinate (shock) the pool to reactivate the combined chlorine and it can then sanitize the pool water.
When Should I Shock?
  • Routinely every 7-10 days
  • After a party or if you have had a large number of swimmers
  • After rain
  • If the chlorine level drops below 1.0
  • When your water is cloudy
  • After fertilizing near the pool area
Advanced Pool School
How to Clean Your Salt Cell
1. Turn pump and filter off
2. Remove the cell from its position in the plumbing by loosening the unions on both ends of the cell.
3. You will need a small plastic bucket, water, and muriatic acid
4. Fill the bucket with 3-4″ of water.
5. Set the turbo cell on end in the water.
6. Add 1- 1/2″ of muriatic acid to the water in the bucket. Let the cell sit in the solution for 5 minutes.
7. Turn the cell over and let the opposit end sit in the solution for 5 minutes. You will submerse the cord, which will not be affected by the mild acid solution
8. Look in both ends of the cell to assure calcium deposits are removed, if not repeat cleaning procedure.
9. Rinse cell with fresh water and replace in the plumbing line securely. Tighten the unions before restoring power to the pump. – excerpted from Hayward
**I would recommend using chemical resistant gloves**- excerpted from Jamie’s common sense
When Do I Clean My Salt Cell?
The cell requires maintenance when the “Inspect cell” light comes on. It should routinely be cleaned every 3-6 months. Parrot Bay can also clean your cell for you during openings or closing or any time requested.
New Staff Introduction
Meet Angela
I have been in the Fayetteville area for over four years with my husband. We moved here courtesy of the Army. I began working with Parrot Bay in May. I enjoy learning new crafts and working with such a great team. It is a breath of fresh air to be able to learn from the best in the industry. I look forward to growing with the company as I utilize what I have been taught to ensure customer service excellence. I will be glad to help any customer make their yard fun their family and look beautiful at the same time. I look forward to speaking with you soon.
Angela Knight
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