The First Step to Building a Great Pool is a Great Consultation Copy

Posted on November 3rd 2017 07:12:00 PM

When you take the plunge and decide to increase your home’s value by building a great swimming pool, the first thing that should happen is a bunch of long conversations.

The first thing a great builder does is ask questions and listen. How do you want to use the pool, mostly for entertaining or for splashing around with you kids? How much space do you want for furniture around the pool? How many months a year will it be open? Are you more concerned with upfront costs or maintenance expenses farther down the line?

The swimming pool consultant who doesn’t spend time asking these questions plus a whole lot more is either unimaginative, inexperienced or, more likely, trying to sell you whatever he’s trying to get rid of in the back.  

If you’re considering installing, you’re doing it at the perfect time of year. Once the summer rush ends, prices drop, schedules ease up and we can dedicate our entire team to your project. Give us a call, we’ll talk about the difference between concrete, vinyl and fiberglass pools installation and we’ll figure out what’s right for you. We’ll discuss the options and how they fit into your ideas, priorities and budget.

We’ll show you the different colors, patterns and swimming pool accessories.

Remember, pool builders should be listening, not selling; asking questions, not promoting. If the first step you take toward building a great swimming pool design isn’t dialogue, you’re talking to the wrong pool builder.

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