Dreaming about landscaping your inground pool

Posted on September 29th 2017 10:37:00 AM

Slip on your coziest pajamas. Grab your sleeping mask and sip your chamomile tea. It’s time to dream … about the landscaping you want around your inground pool. Sleep tight …


Let the sound machine play soothing forest sounds while you dream about … plants. Plants can add to the look and feel you’re trying to create around your pool, from lush to modern and everything in between. You’ll want to think about built-in planters, potted plants, grass and even trees. Be sure to consider shade and dropping foliage, though, or your planting dreams will turn into nightmares.


Counting sheep jumping over a fence … and jumping into your inground pool? Good. Think about what that fence looks like, and the level of safety, security and privacy it provides. It’s an important part of your landscaping plan. Plantings can also play a part in the privacy you create around your pool.

Rocks (Yes, really.)

It may seem like a bad dream … but it’s not. Rocks, boulders and pebbles can enhance the beauty of almost any pool landscaping project. If you use smaller rocks and pebbles, though, be sure to use them in areas far away from the pool itself so they won’t accidentally enter the filtration system and wreak havoc. Boulders should be integrated from the beginning of the project, or they’ll look like an afterthought. And you’re probably going to want to use more than one.


It’s almost time to wake up … so it must be time to dream about lighting around your pool. Not only does lighting enhance the beauty of your pool and your landscape, it increases safety. Solar or wired garden lights are popular options, as are tiki torches.

Good morning! Time to rise and shine, enjoy some breakfast (Or brunch. Or maybe lunch. We don’t judge.) and commit those ideas to paper. Share them with your pool designer or landscaping professional, and start making those dreams a reality.

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